Library & Zines

Some helpful radical reads and what Tisch does not offer.

Sites to check out:

Fuck Yeah Radical Literature: This blog/tumblr was made out of the belief that knowledge should be free and accessible! Particularly when it is information on the way things are… and not just propaganda that resides in many areas of the mass media.

AK Press: is a worker run book publisher and distributor organized around anarchist principles.

Papercut Zine Library: Papercut is run by a collective of volunteer librarians. In addition to archiving and maintaining this collection, librarians also host a number of events including zine making workshops and zine release parties.

D.I.Y. Guide #1

Learning Good Consent

The Party’s Over: Beyond Politics, Beyond Democracy

Security Culture: A Handbook for Activists

How Nonviolence Protects the State

Pacifism as Pathology

Anarcha-Feminism Zine (2007)

what the fuck is anarcha-feminism anyway? (2009)

The Seattle WTO Protests: a memoir and analysis, with an eye to the future

A Civilian’s Guide to Direct Action

Direct Action: An Ethnography by David Graeber (this is a book, not a zine)


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