D.I.Y. Culture Jamming

D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself): “we need to build a community in which we can share resources and rely on eachother.  this includes sharing information and learning how to be autonomous as a community that is the purpose of this zine.  there is no scarcity of individuals (or teams) that can do totally amazing things.  fuck specialists and professionals—we don’t need them.”
-Fucken Urban Pirates
in D.I.Y Crimethinc zine

Culture Jamming: “The rise of postmodern consumer culture and the growing awareness of the negative effects consumerism has on the environment have precipitated a backlash from many quarters…Culture jamming is one reply amidst this growing awareness…The culture jamming movement (if one can be allowed to call it that), is about reclaiming urban spaces. For all the diversity of rhetoric and tactics engaged in by culture jammers this appears to be a unifying concern, which connects them to broader organised protests against the commodifying of culture (Baines, 2001). Thus, their main area of concern lies within the public sphere. ”
-by Jan Lloyd in “Culture Jamming: Semiotic
                                                     Banditry in the Streets

Markers are a great tool.  No explanation needed.

How to make a stencil?
Materials: x-acto knife, spray paint
To trace the design use manila folders, plastic binder separators or cardboard.
For the manila folders, you can glue the printed out image on to the folder and cut out the necessary areas to make your stencil.  If you are using plastic, you can trace the necessary shadows using a marker.  Cardboard works best for larger images (like a fist), especially those being used on banners.  Here are some neat stencils: http://cutandpaint.org/

How to make a banner? Glad you asked. 🙂
Materials: fabric, spray paint, wooden poles, stapler
For the fabric—be thrifty!  Go to a secondhand store or ask friends if they have old sheets or curtains they are planning to get rid of.  Think about the colors scheme–for example, silver or white spray paint looks best on black fabric.  Sometimes pink can work on black, but if often depends on how well the spray paint will stick to the fabric.  Some fabrics make the paint bleed and the letters loose its form.  There is a lot about trial and error in learning your craft.

If you want to put your banner on wooden poles to be noticeable, you must seal the sides.  You can make a sleeve for the poles by using a stapler.  It actually works pretty well.  Of course, there is always the option to sew it all, but it can time consuming.  Also, make sure to cut some slashes through your banner to allow wind flow.  If its cold outside, bring and wear gloves to make the banner holding experience more joyful rather than painful.

If you want to just carry your banner with a group of ppl, you might not need any extra materials at all.  But, if there is a possibility of wind you will need some weight on the bottom to counter its effects.  Some ppl use large metal clips and others use small pvc pipes sewn into a sleeve, both in the bottom of the banner.  Remember, carrying a banner around for a short time might not seem that heavy, but marching around for over an hour—the weight accumulates.

Wheatpasting 101

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Make your own zine! beautiful being! ::: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Zine_Making

Patch of (A)rt and Message Your Clothing
There are a couple of options in making your patches.  You can either spray paint or silkscreen the image.  See info above about those options.  Because the image is smaller than in the previous examples, be conscious of your image details and the possibility of paint spreading.  Think out and test your fabric.

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Recommended Reading:
Recipes for Disaster: an anarchist cookbook by Crimethinc


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