Cool Spaces, at Tufts and in Boston

Having a space, especially a safer space, is important and necessary when building community.  While the Tufts administrations promotes these spaces as places for the “others”; these spaces are actually empowering and can be a breath of fresh air for those of us wanting to escape the mainstream-white-patriarchal-heteronormative culture that dominates this campus.

Here are some great spaces in and around Tufts that you might want to visit…just a bike ride away!

Students for Justice in Palestine

Every generation has their battles to win. Our parents fought against the Apartheid regime in South Africa, and succeeded. Our grandparents fought against segregation. Their parents fought against the hydrogen bomb. Today, we once again come together to Boycott, Divest from, and Sanction the Zionist Apartheid regime in Israel. At campuses all over the world, students have come together in outrage at the $3 billion of no-strings-attached aid the US government supplies to Israeli to fuel its war machines, illegal settlements and occupation, and settler-colonial segregation system. In this vein, we allocate one week of our school year to the international Toronto-based movement “Israeli Apartheid Week”. We host speakers, hold demonstrations, and push our agenda intellectually and actively across the campus. Join the Students for Justice in Palestine, a diverse group of Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Arab, American, International, Gay and Straight students in demanding unequivocal equal rights.

VOX: Voices for Choice
Feminism, College, and Sex…Oh My!

Voices for Choice is the Planned Parenthood affiliated student organization at Tufts. We work to promote sexual health, advocate for reproductive rights and destigmatize sexual pleasure here on Tufts’ campus as well as in the greater community. During the 2011-2012 academic year, VOX and its 40 core members organized multiple events that drew in between 200-400 students. From hosting OhMegan’s sexual pleasure workshop, “Fornication 101,” to organizing the annual Sex Fair in the Campus Center, VOX’s often controversial events have effectively pushed back against societal pressures to silence honest and open sexual discourse. VOX meets once a week in the Women’s Center and addresses a wide variety of topics including but in no way limited to, sexual health resources on campus and in the surrounding area, sexual pleasure education, consent, rape culture, pro-choice initiatives, STIs, access to birth control, hook-up culture, and gender. VOX attempts to create a safer space for students to organize, learn, meet new people, and share knowledge, with no oppressive language or behavior tolerated at meetings. New members to VOX have equal power to influence group decisions and propose/organize brand new projects with the support of other VOX members and funding. The revolution starts at home…which is why we at VOX view sexual health, knowledge and empowerment as foundational to a just society. So come on by a meeting where you will find good people and free snacks, coffee, condoms and lube.

As for Boston, check out this map!


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