Rad Profs & Courses

Radicalize your education!!!

Check out these Rad Profs

  • Gary Goldstein (Physics)       “Physics for Humanists”
  • Kris Manjapra  (History)         “Anti-Colonialism Seminar”
  • Peter Winn  (History)           “Revolution in Mexico & Cuba”
  • Gary Leupp  (History)           “Gender & Sexuality in Japanese History”
  • Daniel Mulholland  (History)   “Marxism” “1968”
  • Jean Wu  (American Studies)    “Race in America”
  • Christina Sharpe  (English)     “Black Feminist Theories”
  • Modhumita Roy  (English) “Non-Western Women Writers”
  • Sheldon Krimsky  (UEP)
  • Sabina Vaught  (Sociology)   “Masculinities in Urban Schooling”
  • Jeanne Penvenne  (History)
  • Ryan Centner  (Urban Sociology)
  • Sa’ed Atshan   (Anthropology)
  • Amahl Bishara   (Anthropology)   “Palestinian Literature”
  • Ronna Johnson  (English/American Studies)
  • Nancy Bauer   (Philosophy)    “Feminist Philosophy”
  • Cathy Stanton  (Anthropology)   “Cars, Culture, and Place”
    “Myth, Ritual, and Symbol”
  • Sarah Pinto (Anthropology) “Questioning Kinship: Sexuality & Gender in South Asia”
  • Alisha Rankin (History) “Women Gender, Family 1200-1800”
  • Pearl Robinson (Political Science) “African Politics”
  • Intro to Queer Studies (Staff TBA)
  • Feminist Philosophy (Staff TBA)

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