Who are we?

We, the Tufts Anti-Authoritarian Collective, establish ourselves for the purpose of fostering a radical community, building a platform for effective direct action, and shifting the political discourse on campus.

We are a space for building a community of radically-minded students at Tufts. We believe that political expression at Tufts is limited to a narrow segment of the political spectrum, a framework that silences radical critique of society. We welcome members of the Tufts community to challenge the limitations of hierarchical thought and structure in all of its forms. Together we exchange ideas and learn from one another in order to collectively expand our knowledge and capabilities as activists. This foundation allows us to carry out effective direct action in support of our goals and in solidarity with movements on campus that reflect our vision of a just society.

Tufts Anti-Authoritarian Collective strives to shift the political discourse on campus, widening the bounds of legitimate political ideology beyond the liberal-conservative spectrum. We identify as anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-classist, anti-homophobic, anti-patriarchal, anti-transphobic, and against all other forms of oppression. By challenging these forms of oppression in our academic, social, and personal lives, we hope to transform Tufts into an empowered, inclusive, liberated community.

[15 February 2012]

Contact us:  tuftsaac@riseup.com


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